How to Store Eggs

Always store eggs in the fridge. As bacteria inside or on the outside of the egg multiples much faster at room temperature than in the fridge. an egg refreigerated for one week will be fresher than an egg stored at room temperature for just one day.

I Finished the Great Victorian Bike Ride

I have just finished the Great Victorian Bike Ride. The ride was over 9 Days from the 28th  November to

Tent City

Tent City

the 6th December 2009.  This year’s ride went from Portland to Geelong along the Great Ocean Road being a Total of 547km.

The Great Victorian Bike Ride is a mobile tent city, with trucks carrying toilet blocks, shower blocks and our water supply.

Day 1 Saturday 28th November, We started in Portland and rode to Cape Bridgewater and back to Portland 53km. We all got quite wet as it was raining on and off all day.  Saturday night was quite terrible for anyone who was a in a tent as we received some strong winds and about 50mm of rain.

Day 2 Sunday 29 November, We started in Portland and rode to Macarthur 66km,   Again today we had rain showers in the morning along the ride. Tonight we camped on 5 farm paddocks and the local football oval. Macarthur is a small country town in south west Victoria with 300 people.

Day 3 Monday 30 November, We left Macarthur and rode to Port Fairy 48km, We had rain shower early in the morning and then it cleared up.  Most riders got in early before lunch so most of us were able to go exploring Port Fairy.

Day 4 Tuesday 1 December, From Port Fairy we Rode to Port Campbell 100km, We rode past London Bridge and the bay of islands

karen & Rob great Victoria bike ride in fro of bay of isle

Karen & Rob on the Great Victoria Bike Ride in front of the bay of isle

along the great Ocean Road the last 20km was a hard dlog as we had to ride against the wind.

Great Ocean Road Twelve Apostle

Great Ocean Road Twelve Apostles

Day 5 Wednesday 2 December, We started in Port Campbell and rode to Apollo Bay 97km. Today was the hardest ride of all with three climbs one being Lavers Hill. I started the ride today at 6.30pm and Finished at 4pm but the ride was quite specular riding past the Twelve Apostles and ride through the Otways National park.

Day 6 Thursday 3 December , Rest Day. Today our muscles had the chance to recover from the previous two days ride.  This afternoon we had some petty strong winds about 40knots if not more.  We had to have someone in the tent to hold it down as a lot of other tents where turning inside out and broke their tent poles in two. The wind final died down around 8.30pm.

Day 7 Friday 4 December, We started in Apollo Bay and rode to Anglesea 78km, Today was an enjoyable ride along the great ocean road with mild hill climbs and great down hills runs.

Day 8 Saturday 5 December,  We left Anglesea and rode to Queenscliff 64km, Today we rode past Bells Beach and Jan Juc and through Torquay and Barwon Heads and camped on the foreshore at Queenscliff which is not normally allowed.

Day 9 Sunday 6 December, We started in Queenscliff and finished in Eastern park in Geelong 41km, Today was the last leg of the Great Victorian  Bike Ride.  It was Great to finished the ride. Its so good to be going home to my own bed tonight.

The bike riders 5000 of them descend on the towns like human locusts, they eat they sleep, they depart for the next town. The 500 volunteer cook and feed the riders with entertainer from the local towns coming into entertain the riders at the end of each day.

I highly recommend the bike ride, just make sure you are ready by trained for it before hand.  So that you can get your body use to being in the bike seat for that long.

Great Victorian Bike Ride

Tomorrow I’m Off on the Great Victorian Bike Ride.

This Year the Great Victorian Bike Ride starts in Portland Victoria, and Travels along the Great Ocean Road to Geelong, The Total Trip is 550Km which will be done over Nine days Starting on Saturday the 28 of November. This is the first year that I am doing the Great Victorian Bike ride, but it should be a great experience.

The Great Victorian Bike Ride Program is set out as follows

Day One 53 km From Portland to Cape Bridgewater and back

Day Two 66 km Portland to Macarthur

Day Three 48 km Macarthur to Port fairy

Day Four 100 km Port Fairy to Port Campbell

Day Five 97 km Port Campbell to Apollo Bay ( riding Over the Otway Ranges)

Day Six Rest Day in Apollo Bay

Day Seven 78 km Apollo Bay to Anglesea

Day Eight 64 km Anglesea to Queenscliff

Day Nine 41 km Queenscliff to Geelong ( The Finish)

This will be a challenge especially starting on day four with some small hill climbs but day five will definitely be hard with a hill climb over the Otway Ranges and being 97km ride.

The good thing about this ride will be passing some spectacular sites and rock formations along the Great Ocean Road with beach views.

I will let you all know how it goes when I return home.

Safe riding and I will blog again soon.


don’t throw away potassium ric…

don’t throw away potassium rich banna peels. put them on top of the soil in your pot plant or garden and they will disappear in no time

Vinegar – Nature’s Secret Weapon

You will be amazed by the incredible power and properties that vinegar has.

Vinegar can help you keep your home beautifully clean and sparkling naturally and simply.

Through out the house

  • vinegar can get rid of germs,
  • disinfect  and deodorise.
  • clean carpets and rugs
  • clean windows and mirrors

For the Laundry

  • returns colors to their orginial intensity
  • give your whites and immaculate sparkle
  • removes perspiration and deodorant stains
  • prevent clothes becoming shiny when ironing


  • Destrony bacteria
  • Give glasses and china a lovely sparkle
  • disinfect refrigerator
  • Clean the oven without having to scrub
  • remove stains

In the Garden

  • Repel insect
  • Protect plants from ant infestation
  • encourage plant’s growth
  • get rid of weeds


  • Tenderise meat
  • preserve vegetables

To have that fresh, natural sm…

To have that fresh, natural smell in your house, rub the skirting boards with eucalyptus oil.

Keep seedling from being eaten

  • Use your Plastic milk Container around your Seedling to stop the snails and insect destroying them. it also provide wind protection #

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A way to stop Chocolate Craving

a simple walk might ward off craving – a 15 minute walk prior to a chocolate craving will be less likely to eat the treat their craving

Speed up ironing time

To speed up ironing time, place a layer of aluminium foil underneath your ironing board cover.

Trouble changing baby

If you are having trouble keeping your baby or toddler still while changing their nappy. put a bright sticker on the back of their hands

Changing baby nappy

Changing baby nappy

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