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7 Ways to uses a Muffin Tray

Here are some ways to use your Muffin Tray

  1. Use the MuffinTray to help organises your toolshed by storing small screws, nails and other DIY parts in them
  2. Squeeze sauces and toppings into muffin sections when going on a picnic – it will save you take a wholes lot of bottles
  3. Use it for your little ones when painting, as you can put different paint color in each muffin
  4. fill it with yummy covering (chocolate sprinkles, hundred and thousands) for your ice cream cones  for easy dipping.
  5. Freeze stock in them and then place in individual potion in a plastic bag
  6. Use for storing food you have prepared for the children as it a great size for a meal for them, and you can reheat when required,
  7. Make Mini Quiches in them.

Dry your clothes Quicker

if you use a fabric softeners on your clothes in the wash it reduces the time it take to tumble dry them

Puppy Chewing and Digging

If your Puppy chewing and digging,   Dilute a small amount of citronella oil in a spray bottle and spray the area where he is dug or chewed

Building a website for free

There is a program on the market called Devhub which allows you to set up a website using a template.  It is easy to use and it only take a matter of minute to set up.

The program features are on on the right hand side of the page once you have set up the domain. Then it a matter of dragging the icon button of the feature you want over to your webpage and dropping it where you want it to go.

Some of the features Devhub have are

  • News & Rss
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Products
  • Reviews
  • PPC
  • Entertainment
  • And Many More

There is also a reporting dashboard that allows you to track the performance of your site.

Why don’t you go and check out Devhub today!

Stop Guacamole from browning

To stop Guacamole from browning add the juice from half a lemon or put the pit back into the mix and cover with clingwrap

Ways to cook chestnuts

An easy way to cook chestnuts is in the a sandwich press, just prick first and the put in Sandwich press

Crumbing meat

When Crumbing meat use plain yoghurt instead of flour and egg, and then dip in a favourite coating

Checking on baby by Torch light

Use your mobile phone as a torch light to check on baby. As the light emitted is just enough to see if they are okay without waking them.

Swallowing Tablets

To help your child to swallow tablets,  Try rubbing the tablets in margarine or chocolate spread.  The margarine make them easier to swallow and stop some of the nasty taste too.  Also try swallowing with a glass of milk.

Fixing Kitchen Disasters

Cake sinks in middle – Serve warm as a pudding with custard and Ice cream, or a sweet sauce

Burnt top of  cake – Cut off the burnt top and decorate cake with butter icing or whipped cream and fresh fruit

Gravy/ sauce too runny – Mix a little cornflour or wheat flour and water together in a small bowl or cup to form a paste and add to gravy which continuing to stir until boils.

Gravy/ sauce too thick – add a little bit of water or stock until the right consistency

Curry too Spicy – Add a little cream, Coconut milk/ Cream o r yoghurt to tone it down the heat

Mousse does not set – use a a topping for a dessert or layered in a dessert glass with fruit and cream.

Lumpy Sauce or batter – Strain through a sieve or process the sauce in a blender until smooth


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