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A way to stop Chocolate Craving

a simple walk might ward off craving – a 15 minute walk prior to a chocolate craving will be less likely to eat the treat their craving

Speed up ironing time

To speed up ironing time, place a layer of aluminium foil underneath your ironing board cover.

Trouble changing baby

If you are having trouble keeping your baby or toddler still while changing their nappy. put a bright sticker on the back of their hands

Changing baby nappy

Changing baby nappy

7 Tips For Healthy Sleeping Patterns

Good Sleep is vital – it allows your body a chance to rejuvenate and heal itself, as well as giving you more energy for the day ahead.

We spend about one third of our lives in bed, and this should be spent mostly sleeping , not tossing and turning.

Here are 7 tips for healthy sleeping:

Woman a sleep

Woman a sleep

  • Good Sleep Posture – try sleeping on your back or side but NEVER on our stomach.
  • Routine – Try having a set time to go to bed and try to factor in at least 7-8 hours sleep each night
  • regulate your breathing – take 7-12 seconds to breathe in and out. this allows your body to relax and lowers your heart rat.
  • Tv – try not to watch tv right before going to bed, but instead read a book
  • Avoid Chemicals – drinks high in caffeine can affect your ability to sleep well.
  • Tune up your spine – the ability to get comfortable for sleep can eith aide or hinder your quality of rest. being subluxation and restriction free helps with this.
  • sleep assessment  – if you are still struggling to have a good night’s sleep, why not book a assessment with your chiropractor

Tips supplied by  Bergamo Health

Laundry Time saver

1. Take large items out of machine first and then place small items on top of basket so can easily hang socks in pairs and undies in groups

2. Shake out Tshirts and hang inside out and upside down. (reduces fading and Tshirts dry unwrinkled)

3. Fold washing straight off line into basket sorting in categories as you go.

No need to iron T shirts and laundry in ready to go straight into each persons drawer

Contributed By Lysbeth Fong

Find Yourself struggling with debt?

If you are struggling with debts, stop using your credit cards and change over to a debit card, You will still be able to use these as credit cards without being charged with eftpos fees, and you can only use the money you have. Therefore reigning in the spending and making you thing twice before buying.

Checking on baby by Torch light

Use your mobile phone as a torch light to check on baby. As the light emitted is just enough to see if they are okay without waking them.

Swallowing Tablets

To help your child to swallow tablets,  Try rubbing the tablets in margarine or chocolate spread.  The margarine make them easier to swallow and stop some of the nasty taste too.  Also try swallowing with a glass of milk.


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