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Vinegar – Nature’s Secret Weapon

You will be amazed by the incredible power and properties that vinegar has.

Vinegar can help you keep your home beautifully clean and sparkling naturally and simply.

Through out the house

  • vinegar can get rid of germs,
  • disinfect¬† and deodorise.
  • clean carpets and rugs
  • clean windows and mirrors

For the Laundry

  • returns colors to their orginial intensity
  • give your whites and immaculate sparkle
  • removes perspiration and deodorant stains
  • prevent clothes becoming shiny when ironing


  • Destrony bacteria
  • Give glasses and china a lovely sparkle
  • disinfect refrigerator
  • Clean the oven without having to scrub
  • remove stains

In the Garden

  • Repel insect
  • Protect plants from ant infestation
  • encourage plant’s growth
  • get rid of weeds


  • Tenderise meat
  • preserve vegetables

Keep seedling from being eaten

  • Use your Plastic milk Container around your Seedling to stop the snails and insect destroying them. it also provide wind protection #

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