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don’t throw away potassium ric…

don’t throw away potassium rich banna peels. put them on top of the soil in your pot plant or garden and they will disappear in no time

To have that fresh, natural sm…

To have that fresh, natural smell in your house, rub the skirting boards with eucalyptus oil.

7 Ways to uses a Muffin Tray

Here are some ways to use your Muffin Tray

  1. Use the MuffinTray to help organises your toolshed by storing small screws, nails and other DIY parts in them
  2. Squeeze sauces and toppings into muffin sections when going on a picnic – it will save you take a wholes lot of bottles
  3. Use it for your little ones when painting, as you can put different paint color in each muffin
  4. fill it with yummy covering (chocolate sprinkles, hundred and thousands) for your ice cream conesĀ  for easy dipping.
  5. Freeze stock in them and then place in individual potion in a plastic bag
  6. Use for storing food you have prepared for the children as it a great size for a meal for them, and you can reheat when required,
  7. Make Mini Quiches in them.

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