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Kitchen Hints

Everyone is always looking for new way to prepare food faster and healthy that before, which still have a great taste.

Other are looking for ways to clean the kitchen with out the harsh chemicals.

Here are some Handy Kitchen Hints I like to use.

Removing the bad smells,

1) Deodorise the House  – Sprinkle carpets with Bi-Carb Soda, leave for a few minutes and then vacuum

2) Removing the smell in fridge  – Mix Bi-Carb Soda with vanilla essense and put in fridge

3) Remove stained tea and coffee Cups  – Apply Bi- Carb Soda With a damp cloth and rub tea and coffee cups

4) Freshen the sinks  – slowly pouring 1/2 Cup Bi-Carb Soda down drain together with warm water

5) Smelly shoes  – Pour a little Bi-Carb Soda in shoes and leave for 2-3 days to absorb odour

6) Feel refreshed after a long day   – Put in 1/2 cup Bi – Carb Soda in bath for a refreshing bath and soak – you will come out feeling silky smooth.

Fixing Kitchen Disasters

Cake sinks in middle – Serve warm as a pudding with custard and Ice cream, or a sweet sauce

Burnt top of  cake – Cut off the burnt top and decorate cake with butter icing or whipped cream and fresh fruit

Gravy/ sauce too runny – Mix a little cornflour or wheat flour and water together in a small bowl or cup to form a paste and add to gravy which continuing to stir until boils.

Gravy/ sauce too thick – add a little bit of water or stock until the right consistency

Curry too Spicy – Add a little cream, Coconut milk/ Cream o r yoghurt to tone it down the heat

Mousse does not set – use a a topping for a dessert or layered in a dessert glass with fruit and cream.

Lumpy Sauce or batter – Strain through a sieve or process the sauce in a blender until smooth

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